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The Arapahoe County 911 Authority Emergency Communications Service was formed in 1988 by an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between Arapahoe County and various cities, towns, and fire protection districts within Arapahoe County. The Authority was formed as a separate legal entity to fund the purchase and maintenance of the Arapahoe County 911 Authority network for emergency communications service. This service facilitates a more direct referral to the appropriate emergency agency.

Arapahoe County 911 Authority includes all of Arapahoe County, with the exception of the City of Aurora. Arapahoe County 911 Authority consists of five (5) primary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and one secondary PSAP.

The primary Public Safety Answering Points are located at the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, the City of Englewood, the City of Glendale, the City of Greenwood Village, and the City of Littleton Police Departments. The secondary PSAP is the South Metro Fire Rescue (MetCom).

Arapahoe County 911 Authority covers approximately 712 square miles and serves over 288,000 citizens. Additional member agencies include Bennett Fire Protection District, Town of Bow Mar, Byers Fire Protection District, City of Centennial, City of Cherry Hills Village, Columbine Valley, Cunningham Fire Protection District, Town of Deer Trail, Deer Trail Fire Protection District, City of Foxfield, Littleton Fire Rescue, Sable-Altura Fire Protection District, City of Sheridan, Skyline Fire Protection District and Strasburg Fire Protection District.

Arapahoe County 911 Authority is governed by Colorado statutes and by the IGA. Arapahoe County 911 Authority funds the costs of providing 911 telephone services. This includes the related equipment and maintenance of that equipment. Arapahoe County 911 Authority does not pay for the cost of staffing individual dispatch centers. The cost of responding to 911 calls is covered by the various emergency response agencies and their respective budgets.